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07 mar

Workshop at MKWI

Participate in the workshop „Design Science Research: Best Practices and Tool Support“ at MKWI 2018.

26 sep

MDP Workshop at University Liechtenstein

Together with our partners we developed new features for MyDesignProcess at

31 may

Open Innovation Workshop

on Tool Support in Design Science at DESRIST 2017

30 may

Launch at DESRIST Conference

Successfully launched the version 1.0 of MyDesingProcess at the DESRIT 2017.

26 may

Paper on MDP published

Published the Paper on MyDesignProcess at SSRN.

About MyDesignProcess

We facilitate knowledge sharing in design. Transparency concerning your private design log is the key. You learn from your own reflections, share parts of your work with others, and rigorously prepare your material for a publication in high quality outlets.

Access your design projects on any devices, from anywhere and anytime

Share results with co-workers and team members

Invite feedback from stakeholders

Supervise multiple projects at a time

Document design projects for publication

Learn from your private design log

Design Science Research (DSR) is now an accepted research paradigm in the Information Systems (IS) field, aiming at developing purposeful IT artifacts and knowledge about the design of IT artifacts. A rich body of knowledge on approaches, methods, and frameworks supports researchers in conducting DSR projects. While methodological guidance is abundant, there is little support and guidance for documenting and effectively managing DSR processes. In this article, we present a set of design principles for tool support for DSR processes along with a prototypical implementation ( We argue that tool support for DSR should enable researchers and teams of researchers to structure, document, maintain, and present DSR, including the resulting design knowledge and artifacts. Such tool support can increase traceability, collaboration, and quality in DSR. We illustrate the use of our prototypical implementation by applying it to published cases, and we suggest guidelines for using tools to effectively manage design-oriented research.

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MDP Partners support the idea and the further development of MDP as part of their own interest in Design Science Research and free of any financial obligations.

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The partnership agreement is made for a term of one year and is intended to be renewed based on mutual agreement.


Name one single contact person to serve as primary contact and be available for regulary feedback calls with the MyDesignProcess core team.

Use MyDesignProcess in DSR projects at their partner institutions to foster dissemination and to collect feedback.

Help to promote the MyDesignProcess idea at their partner location as well as on social media (e.g. with posters / flyers / posts which will be provided by the MyDesignProcess team).


Gives full recognition and visibility to all partners on the MyDesignProcess Web Page.

Provides partners the MyDesignProcess software and services free of any charges.

Offers partners to get involved in requirements prioritization and roadmap development.


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