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We facilitate knowledge sharing in research. Transparency concerning your private research log is the key. You learn from your own reflections, share parts of your work with others, and rigorously prepare your material for publication in high-quality outlets.

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A rich body of knowledge on approaches, methods, and frameworks supports researchers in conducting research projects. While methodological guidance is abundant, there is little support and guidance for documenting and effectively managing research processes. We argue that tool support for researchers should enable researchers and teams of researchers to structure, document, maintain, and present DSR, including the resulting design knowledge and artifacts. Such tool support can increase traceability, collaboration, and quality in research projects. We illustrate the use of our prototypical implementation by applying it to published cases, and we suggest guidelines for using tools to effectively manage research.

Design Science Research
The answers you get depend on the questions you ask.

Thomas S. Kuhn

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All data is kept in strict confidence. The service adheres to international research governance standards, such the The European Code of Conduct for Research Integrity, the NSF Responsible Conduct of Research (RCR), Swiss National Research Foundation Scientific Integrity, and the AIS Code of Research Conduct.