Practical Seminar in DSD: Video Selling at EnBW

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Minh-Kha Nguyen

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Within our practical seminar in Digital Service Design we are going to design a digital solution for video selling at EnBW. Our task is to carry out all necessary steps in order to conduct the relevant data. Therefore we are going to stay in touch closely with Werner Schärfer on the part of EnBW, who will provide us with interview partners, resources, and the information needed.

Design Canvas

Justificationary Knowledge

Video selling has been successfully implemented for mobile phone contracts at Vodafone Experts confirmed the feasibility of our proposed solutions in the interviews Reference values for the Business Case have been gathered


Does video selling work for higher priced products (gas/power/oil)? How to design the video system customer-centered? Invest or not invest? Make or buy?


Create a decent selling service which delivers a new buying experience for the customer and improves the success of the service- and sales-calls


Bidirectional video call with screen-sharing Incorporate eye-and pulse-tracking Enrich Next-Best-Action by analyzing the video call


Customer journey with annual contact Perception of the product “energy” is limited Current sales process of EnBW lacks innovative technology

Design Process

Complete interviewing Testing and feedback Finalize Business Case and prototypes


Testing Questionnaire Interview Observation


Pitchdecks Business Model Canvas Prototypes Business Case

Design Knowledge

Some sales-agents are willing to provide video selling Prototypes will serve the consumer’s need for empowerment Benchmarks are promising

Iteration 1

With this interation, we are creating a demo mockup, which gives a brief overview about the project's outcome.

Discover Phase
Create project plan

Create a brief project plan, considering the Design Thinking phases, the Double Diamond steps and the planned iterations. Align them to the intermediate and final presentation date.

Visit ESD

Visit ESD, that is the contractual call center of EnBW, in order to analyze the customer process and to carry out interviews.

Master MyDesignProcess

Get used to the tool MyDesignProcess to an necesary extent

Fill Design Canvas

Using the given template in MDP

Define Phase
Identify processes at ESD
Illustrate campaigns at ESD
Develop Phase
Designing the mock up

Derive design implications for the mock up based on the prior analysis

Deliver Phase
Creating a mock up

Creating a mock up using powerpoint animations and the EnBW user platform

Creating PPT

Creating the PPT slides for the first intermediate presentation

Iteration 2

With this iteration, we want to create a design prototype, which covers functional features, which we want to test.

Discover Phase
Interview with Vodafone

Interview Daniel Ullrich from Vodafone with respects to
- usage of Wishbi
- usage of Liveshop
- measures
- KPI's

Interview with SofaDoc

Interview Robert from SofaDoc with respects to
- a white label, which we would like to use in order to test our solution
- testing at SofaDoc

Interview with EnBW

Interview Werner Schäfer from EnBW with respects to
- KPI's and measures
- NBA's
- project scope
- web selling

Define Phase
Scenarios for testing

Create two scenarios for testing

1. With white label from SofaDoc
2. Without white label from SofaDoc
3. Consider the general set-up for testing (Who, when, where, what?)

Business case criteria

Define relevant criteria for the business case calculation

Develop Phase
Creating design prototype

Two mockups created:

1. First one
- Tools used: Balsamiq Mockups
- Purpose: evalutate accessability of video service on EnBW homepage and customer portal

2. Second one
- Tools used: PowerPoint and Adobe Illustrator
- Purpose: evaluate video call interface features

Deliver Phase
Test prototype

Testing will be carried out at EnBW lab in Stuttgart on 02.02.2018

Iteration 3

With this iteration, we want to create a functional prototype and identify the acceptance for each of the three stages identified stages

Discover Phase
Interview with Wishbi

Carrying out this interview, we want to identify business case potentials of the video service

Define Phase
Create business model canvas

Now that we have conducted the business case requirements, a business model canvas is being created to evaluate the value proposition

Identify testing requirements

During an appointment with the market research department of EnBW, we discussed the requirements for testing the prototypes in the EnBW lab

Develop Phase
Create functional prototype

- Tools used: Skype (because it covers all necessary funcionalities for testing)
- Purpose: evalutate acceptance for each of the three stages of our video service solution

Deliver Phase
Test prototype

Testing will be carried out at EnBW lab in Stuttgart on 02.02.2018

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