Project - Conversational Interfaces @ BASF R&D

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Kirsten Prill

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Apps on a mobil device or on a computer are just one way of interacting with 'scientific functionality' (information retrieval, data entry, calculations,...).
The challenge is to develop novel/ conversational ways in which R&D colleagues can interact with the scientific functionality in the BASF App Store.

Iteration 1


Planning the project

Getting a grip of the assignment and figuring out what kind of tools to use and how to arrange our team work.

Discovering the App Store

Getting to know the App Store and its usage through interviewing the developers of the App Store, visiting BASF and conducting a survey.

Developing the Problem Space

Finding problems that users may have during the usage of the App Store, based on the our interviews with developers. Then gathering some solutions that may address our discovered problems.


Problem Specification

Based on the comments on our first presentation, we conduct literature research to decide on the problem we want to address and its proper phrasing.

Preliminary Solution

Listing all the advantages our preliminary solution will have on the problem, drawn upon our literature research.


Expert Interview

Interviewing an expert in the field of chatbot design about the options that we have with chatbot design.

Specifiying Chatbot Characteristics

Specifying characteristics of the chatbot according to the findings from literature review, expert interview, and the field visit.


Creating mock-up

Creating a chatbot mock-up with the software of Implementing characteristics that were specified before.

Test implementation of mock-up

Implementing chatbot as a program in the App Store environment. Testing the functionality of speech recognition.


User tests

Ask users to try out prototype and give feedback.

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