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1. Terms of Access to and Use of MyResearchProcess.com

By accessing the MyResearchProcess.com website and its links, you declare that you have understood and acknowledge the following Terms of Use and the legal information provided in connection with this website (and the elements contained therein).

2. Scope and Service Description

MyResearchProcess.com is a platform developed by Die Wirtschaftsinformatik, which provides opportunities for international networking, but may also be used to access course descriptions and teaching materials. Researchers can log in, create their own process descriptions and upload DSR activity related content, or other materials for DSR process descriptions, which in turn can be accessed by users. MyResearchProcess.com is a database for the purposes of Article 1(2) of Directive 96/9/EC of the European Parliament and of the Council of 11 March 1996 on the legal protection of databases ([1996] OJ L077/20). The website is registered under the domain name: www.myresearchprocess.com.

3. Disclaimer

3.1 The MyResearchProcess.com plattform has compiled, and where possible checked, all of the information provided on MyResearchProcess.com to the best of its knowledge. The MyResearchProcess.com plattform assumes no liability whatsoever for the timeliness, completeness, quality, and availability, for any editorial or technical errors, omissions, etc., or for the accuracy of the data collected on MyResearchProcess.com. In particular, no liability is assumed for the retrievability, completeness, and accuracy of information contained on the MyResearchProcess.com website or available through external links.

3.2 The authors are responsible for the content generated by them and provided for use. Any websites mentioned reflect the views and findings of the author. Hyperlinks to third-party websites and their content are for information purposes only. The MyResearchProcess.com plattform assumes no responsibility whatsoever for the content on these third-party websites. Such responsibility lies solely with the author providing the content. The MyResearchProcess.com plattform expressly takes no responsibility for the contents of any sites linked to MyResearchProcess.com pages and does not adopt their contents.

3.3 This disclaimer applies to all of the pages of the MyResearchProcess.com portal and the links contained therein. In the event that the MyResearchProcess.com website refers to websites whose contents give cause for complaint, the MyResearchProcess.com plattform expressly requests notification.

3.4 The MyResearchProcess.com plattform and its employees are not liable for any damages arising from the use or non-use of information provided on the MyResearchProcess.com website. Any action taken on the basis of the information in the database is undertaken at the sole risk of the user. Furthermore, no liability is assumed for any damage caused by computer viruses when up- or downloading data or through the installation or use of software.

3.5 The MyResearchProcess.com plattform expressly reserves the right to modify, supplement, or delete individual web pages or the entire website at any time without prior notice or justification, or to cease publication temporarily or permanently, or to block individual users’ access temporarily or permanently.

4. Copyright

4.1 The information and articles provided on the MyResearchProcess.com website are subject to copyright and protected under the Act of 19/5/1999 governing Copyright and Related Rights (Copyright Act, URG, LGBl 1999/160) or the respective national copyright law applicable to this content. This applies in particular to texts, images, graphics and sound, video or animation files, including their arrangement on the web pages. The reproduction, editing, translation, storage, or processing (“use”) of the MyResearchProcess.com website, the use of data (or part thereof) retrievable on the MyResearchProcess.com website, and the reproduction of its content in electronic or printed publications is expressly permitted for purposes of teaching and research. However, if such use is intended for commercial purposes, this is only permitted subject to a fee upon receipt of prior, express authorisation by the person responsible mentioned in the imprint or the authors of the texts.

4.2 In any event, permitted use requires source references to be made to the author or the respective website. Permission to publish the MyResearchProcess.com web pages shall be issued by the editors (imprint).

4.3 In addition, images, graphics, text, or other files may be wholly or partially subject to the copyright of third parties. The MyResearchProcess.com plattform assumes no liability for breach of third-party copyrights occurring through the use or retrieval of copyrighted content on the MyResearchProcess.com website. Upon report of such breach, the MyResearchProcess.com plattform shall endeavour to appropriately remedy such breach immediately through removal from the MyResearchProcess.com website.

4.4 Users of the MyResearchProcess.com website or of the data retrievable on the MyResearchProcess.com website undertake to respect these third-party copyrights. All of the protected brands and trademarks mentioned within the offer on the MyResearchProcess.com website, and possibly protected by third parties, are fully subject to the applicable trademark law and ownership rights of the respective registered owner. A reference on the MyResearchProcess.com website by no means indicates that a brand is not protected by third-party copyrights.

5. Duties of Authors

Authors may only use the MyResearchProcess.com database for appropriate purposes. In particular, they shall: a. not use access to the service in an abusive manner, in particular inconsistently with these Terms of Use; b. respect third-party copyrights and reference these in accordance with internationally recognised citation rules; c. take account of recognised data protection principles in order to protect the data; d. if necessary, check e-mails and enquiries sent to the MyResearchProcess.com plattform with utmost care for viruses; e. comply with legal, regulatory, and technical requirements; f. keep their passwords secret and not pass these on, not tolerate or permit any disclosure thereof, take the measures necessary to ensure confidentiality, and inform the MyResearchProcess.com plattform if this information is being misused, has been lost or such misuse, or loss is suspected; g. use the database contents, downloads, and exported documents solely for personal use in teaching and research and not provide third parties access to the contents of the MyResearchProcess.com database; h. report any misuse of the MyResearchProcess.com database to the MyResearchProcess.com plattform.

6. Privacy Policy

6.1 The navigation of MyResearchProcess.com allows users to surf the website anonymously. To the extent that personal data is collected on MyResearchProcess.com, this is done on a voluntary basis. Such data will not be disclosed to third parties without the user's express consent. MyResearchProcess.com reserves the right to request personal information for certain purposes (e.g., exchange of teaching materials). This data will be stored on MyResearchProcess.com only and will not be made accessible to third parties. MyResearchProcess.com reserves the right to evaluate the statistical information derived from such personal data. MyResearchProcess.com further reserves the right to individually contact eligible individuals for academic purposes.

6.2 The use by third parties of published user contact data and data in the imprint for the purpose of sending unsolicited advertisements and promotional information is hereby expressly prohibited. The MyResearchProcess.com plattform expressly reserves the right to take legal action in the event of receipt of unsolicited promotional information, such as spam e-mails.

7. Choice of Law; Jurisdiction

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